Scuba Diving in Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Skill Level:
All Divers
Maximum Depth:
15.2 m/49.9 ft
From Shore-By Boat
The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, situated northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba, in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory consists of three islands, the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman. George Town is the capital, located on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands. All of the islands enjoy a tropical marine climate, with hot summers and dry, cool winters. This tropical paradise provides a variety of sporting activities to all water enthusiasts.

Grand Cayman boasts a vast number of amazing dive sites, from shallow coral reefs to vertical walls, with clear waters and an abundance of colorful corals. The easy access to the majority of dive sites and the excellent visibility that can often exceed 30.5 m/100 ft make these dive sites so special. Devil’s Grotto is a popular dive location that lies on the south side of George Town Harbour.

The spot features a plethora of grottoes, caves and tunnels. The top of the reef is home to schools of fish, such as the green parrot fish. Divers and snorkelers can also see interesting coral formations and a lot of silverside minnows swimming by. The average depth is 4.6 m/15.1 ft and the maximum depth is 15.2 m/49.9 ft. In addition, visibility is good and varies from 10 m/32.8 ft to 30 m/98.4 ft.

Note that diving here is great at any time of the year, but the best season is from December till April. Devil’s Grotto accommodates both the beginner and advanced diver. Last but not least, there are two dive centers close to the spot, where you can rent gear or even book an organized dive. So, don’t wait any longer, visit Devil’s Grotto and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!!!