Scuba Diving in MV Petrel, Rockingham, Western Australia Australia

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Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, located on the Swan River. The climate here is classified as Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. Immerse yourself in the unique combination of stunning natural surroundings, beautiful beaches with clear waters, greenery park-lands and outstanding city architecture that attract visitors all year long.

MV Petrel is located in Rockingham, which is about at 47 km/29 mi in the south-west of Perth. It is an interesting wreck dive that is appropriate for beginners and experienced divers alike. The average depth here is at 18 m/59.1 ft and the maximum is at 23 m/75.5 ft. Visibility is low, less than 5 m/16.4 ft.

The steam tug lies at the depth of 14 m/45.9 ft and it is surrounded by numerous fish, including old wives, bullseye and schools of yellowtails to name just a few. In addition, divers are able to see colorful nudibranchs, beautiful soft corals, sea anemones and sea cucumbers. It is advisable to take a dive flag, due to the boat traffic.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is a popular dive site, so if you wish to avoid the crowds, you can dive at night or early in the morning.