Ice Climbing in The Orion Face Ben Nevis, Fort William, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

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Fort William is the central town of the Highlands. Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain is the reason why this place is considered the main tourist center of Scotland. Τhe Orion Face is a demanding choice for ice climbers and the knowledge of mixed-climbing will be necessary for those attempting the venture.

The Orion Face is one of the routes that someone can choose up to the biggest face of Ben Nevis. It is not the hardest one, but it is considered an outstanding classic one. This route is suitable for people with previous experience in ice climbing and generally during harsh winter climbing conditions. In any case, the Orion Face is an undertaking that should not be underestimated.

More advanced techniques than essential skills are also required, because of the unpredictable weather conditions. The changeable ice’s features during the ascent is a usual phenomenon. So, it could be a little mixed setting when lighter conditions prevail the spot.  The ideal ice climbing is often in spring and especially during the second half of April.

Compact rock, coated in snow and ice is what you will mostly come along on the way up to the summit. Get ready for some belays all along the pitch you climb. A couple of 60 m/196 ft ropes, 6-8 ice screws, a set of wires, a couple of small to medium hex and an ice hook might be handy during your climbing adventure.