Scuba Diving in Angies Point, Mombasa Marine Park, Coast Province Kenya

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Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve is located along the east coast of Kenya. The marine park covers an area of 6 mi/10 km (around 2500 ac/10 km²) and the reserve a massive area of 124 mi/200 km (around 49400 ac/200 km²). Since it is located close to most of all the touristic areas, its beaches are one of the most visited and a great deal of activities take place at the same time.

Angies Point has become an increasingly popular diving spot within the Nyali Reef. The dive spot offers marine life rarely common at other given dive sites. Its sandy nature makes it ideal for learners and more often used for rescue diving training. It is a boat entry site and the diving depths stand at between 6-11 m/20-36 ft below the sea level with visibility at 6 m/20 ft long, accommodating all levels of divers.

Within the sand below, lies a local fishing boat and is home to many small coral fish, lion fish, morays and octopuses. Other interesting marine life here includes the seahorses, leaf scorpion fish and cuttlefish. The spot is also great for macro photography and an awesome night dive spot.