July 18 - July 20 From 19:00 and on

International surf film festival in Bali

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Situated in the western end of Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, Bali is a well known tropical paradise that boasts amazing white sandy beaches, surrounded by coral reefs and huge coconut trees. Being among the best surfing destinations with countless waves and incredible surfing spots, Bali is definitely the best location for a surf film festival.

Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival, presents the first showcase of international independent documentaries and films around the surfing culture, celebrating its 7th edition in La Plancha, Bali right on Seminyak beach. The big screen will be placed on the sand and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy for three starry nights, lots of fascinating surfing action from several spots around the world, epic adventures and personal crusades.

Omak Bali Surf Film Festival

Kicking off this year’s event on Friday 18, 2014, two visual gems will draw the attention of the visitors. The first one, “The Salt Trail”, is a surf journey through Indonesia, from the award winning director Mark Waters, who is  flying from UK along with some of the cast to present his film. The second highlight of the night is “The Old, the Young and the Sea” film, an amazing road trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal showing the European post-modern coastal culture.

"Omak Bali Surf Film Festival"

Other films and documentaries include “The legend of Eddie Aikau” from director Sam George, “Missing” from the world renowned film-maker Taylor Steele, “Out in the Line up” from directors Ian Thomson & Thomas Castets, “Tierra de Patagones” from directors Joaquin & Julian Azulay and many more. For a more detailed program and presentation of the films and documentaries participating, click here.

There is no entrance fee and after the end of the screenings, live dj sets and local bands get on stage until late. So if you are into the surfing culture and love Bali, that’s the best event to attend this summer. See you on the beach!