Scuba Diving in Summersville Lake, Summersville, West Virginia USA

20 to 45 ft (6.10 to 13.72 m)
0 to 327 ft (0 to 99.67 m)
Water Temperature:
20 to 29.5°C/68 to 85°F
Summersville Lake is a reservoir situated in West Virginia. The Lake is formed by a rock-fill dam (Summersville Dam) on the Gauley River, south of Summersville in Nicholas County. It is the biggest lake in West Virginia, with 2700 ac (11 km²) of water and over 60 mi (97 km) of shoreline at the summer pool water level.

Have you ever heard about West Virginia’s natural beauty? Now, its time to explore every part of this amazing spot. Let’s start from the largest and most popular lake. Summersville Lake. It is the second largest dam of this type in the eastern United States and required 12 million cubic yards of earth and rock. The dam is 390 ft (118.87 m) high and 2280 ft (694.94 m) long.

Summersville Lake is known as ” The little Bahamas of the East ” due to its excellent visibility. So, what’s better than trying scuba diving experience. In order to explore the marine beauty, the lake provides 20 to 45 ft (6.10 to 13.72 m) visibility. The depth varies from 0 to 327 ft (0 to 99.67 m) and sometimes can reach at 80 ft (24.39 m). Give yourself the opportunity to exercise this activity in the clearest lake east of the Mississippi.

Diving in this spot will get you in touch with rock cliffs, boulders, bass, walleye and catfish. There is also a small boat under the lake, which you can discover. Nearby you will find many schools and rental shops, where you can rent the appropriate equipment for an extraordinary activity.