Scuba Diving in Kiotari, Rhodes Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Average depth:
20 m (65.6 ft)
20+m (65.6+ft)
Water temperature:
22-28°C (71.6-82.4°F)
Kiotari is located at 60 km/37 mi in the south of Rhodes City, the beautiful and largest island of Dodecanese, in Greece. Kiotari is one of the most stylish and modern tourist resort. It has been considerably developed over the last decade. The impressive and long sandy beach seduce every tourist.

In Kiotari you can find lot of hotels and shops, where you can spend your free time. The hotels provide with all the necessary facilities, so lots of people want to relax and enjoy all the comforts. It’s worth pulling over and enjoy the beautiful beach, the peacefulness and the most amazing sunsets.

Some of you may need a different kind of peacefulness, something more magic and fascinating. Kiotari can give you what you need, but not on the superb sandy beach. Come close to the water, feel the fresh air and take a deep breath, because it’s time for scuba diving. Your visibility rate would be at about 20+m/65.6+ft, so you will have the opportunity to discover flock of fishes and wildlife among the rocks. The average depth is at 20 m/65.6 ft and the water temperature is between 22-28°C/71.6-82.4°F.

In Kiotari, there are scuba dive schools, with experts at your disposal. Near the spot, you can find shops, restaurants and bars, where you can spend your time with your company. You can also find, luxury and more simple accommodation options, where their facilities and comforts can give you the perfect vacations.