Scuba Diving in Cromwell, South Island, Otago New Zealand

Visibility Range:
4-15 m/13-49 ft
Average Temperatures:
8°C/46.40ºF (winter), 18°C/64.40ºF (summer)
Cromwell is a small town, situated in Otago region, in the South Island, New Zealand. It lies on the shores of Lake Dunstan and is located only at 34 mi/55 km from Wanaka and 38 mi/62 km from Queenstown.

Before the formation of Lake Dunstan and the construction of Clyde Dam, Cromwell was known as The Junction, due to the confluence of Clutha River with Kawarau River. This used to be a gold-mining area. The climate is considered to be continental and dry, with hot summers (up to 35°C/95°F) and cold winters (the temperature can drop down to -8°C/17.60°F).

For the scuba diving lovers, Cromwell offers a unique experience. You will have the chance to dive in the water and see the submerged historic, steel bridge (built in 1864) that used to stand before the construction of the dam.

The old town of Cromwell, along with the bridge were flooded in 1992. The upper side of the bridge lies at 32 ft/10 m depth, whereas the riverbed is at 131 ft/40 m.

Note: Visibility range: 4-15 m/13-49 ft. Temperatures: average of 8°C/46.40°F during winter and 18°C/64.40°F during summer.