Wind Surfing in Prasonisi, Rhodes Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Wind strength:
Waves size:
1-3+m (3.28-9.84+ft)
Wind direction:
Rhodes is a beautiful Greek island, and the largest one of Dodecanese complex in the southeast Aegean sea. The fresh air of Aegean sea enfolds the island while its beauty charms everyone who chooses Rhodes for his holidays.

In Rhodes, you will find Prasonisi. Its name stands for ”’green island” in Greek. It’s a peninsula, attached to Rhodes Island. Prasonisi is consisted of two bays, the eastern and the western. In the middle of them, you will find a beautiful and superb beach of Prasonisi, separating the two bays. It’s an ideal destination, for those who want to spend most of their time in water.

For the windsurf lovers, the right spot is the eastern side of Prasonisi. The wind in the area usually reaches at 4 or 6 Bft, but most of the times, it goes over 7 Bft. The waves swell size is from 1-3+ m/3.28-9.84+ ft and the northwest wind is appropriate for surfers, aiming at playing with powerful games. The wind blows offshore and the waves are suitable for beginners, while their power can challenge any advanced windsurfers skills.

Near the spot, you can find restaurants, where you can taste their delicious food. Drink your favorite cocktail in a nice bar, flirt with island’s unique atmosphere or enjoy your favorite coffee flavor. If you need some rest and relax, there are simple accommodation options, close to the beach, offering you the simplicity, relaxation and the warmth you need after an exciting performance on the waves.