Scuba Diving in Kalithea Bay, Rhodes Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Average depth:
10-22 m (32.8-72.16 ft)
25+m (82+ft)
Water temperature:
22-28°C (71.6-82.4°F)
Rhodes island is located in the eastern Aegean sea, in Greece. It is the largest island of Dodecanese. Its mild climate, the beauty, the life, the bold and brash character attract many tourists all year around.

It’s a place full of culture, with a combination of a wild beauty, sandy beaches, people that know how to live their life, with a veil of simplicity. Walk through the narrow streets, smile at the locals, they are really friendly and they know how to service you. The nightlife of the island demands passion, durability and a little transgression of your limits.

For, those who can do all these, but they want more mystery, passion and fear for the unknown, curiosity for an unknown world, then they are in the right place. The answer to all these is scuba diving. The spot is Kalithea beach, whose name means ”beautiful view” in Greek. This beach has been famous for its therapeutic springs, from the age of the Knight Temple’s. Now it is famous for its beauty and the unique moments one can experience under the water. The water temperature is between 22-28°C/71.6-82.4°F. The average depth is from 10 m/32.8 ft to 30 m/98.40 ft and your visibility rate would be at about 25+m/82+ft long. Get close to the aquatic life, like rainbow wrasses, octopus, cuttlefish, pipe-fish and eels. There are scuba diving schools in the area, in case you need en expert at your disposal.

After a thrilling scuba diving experience, take a walk with your friends, find the restaurant you want, a nice coffee bar and give yourself some moments of pleasure and jollification. Near Kalithea, you will find lots of accommodation, where you can rest your body and get ready fro the next adventure.