Scuba Diving in Pefkos, Rhodes Island, Aegean Islands Greece

Average depth:
12m (39.36ft)
20m (65.6ft)
Water temperature:
19-30°C (66.2-86°F)
Pefkos is a small village on eastern coast of Rhodes island in Greece, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, in the southeast Aegean sea. It was known as a fishermen village, located along the coastal road. Now it is a beach resort with a veil of pine trees in every direction, that's why it was named Pefkos.

Pefkos with its great beauty and friendly atmosphere attracts many tourists, giving them special moments. It’s situated in a beautiful bay and in combination with the simplicity of life, the hospitality of the locals, and its nightlife, it makes this place a perfect destination, that you should choose for unique vacations.

The main Pefkos beach is busy with tourists during the day. If you want for a while to escape from the sound of the people around and find a peaceful but mystery place, where others can’t hear or see you, then scuba diving is the perfect way.

Explore the rocks that are overhang and discover the Mediterranean sea life, hiding underneath the spot. The average depth is at 12 m/39.36 ft and your visibility rate would be at about 20 m/65.6 ft long. The water temperature is between 19-30°C/66.2-86°F and the spot is suitable for all kind of divers. On the spot, you can find scuba diving schools, in case you need an expert to unlock all secrets of the sea ground.

Take a break and spend some really good time in the restaurants around the beach, where you can taste traditional Greek food and other European cuisines. You can drink your favorite cocktail in one of the lovely bars, or enjoy your favorite coffee flavor in the nearby cafeterias. Accommodation options are also available in the village.