Scuba Diving in Kev’s Ledge, Ponta Do Ouro, Maputo Mozambique

Ponta Do Ouro is the southern most village in Mozambique and is a popular holiday destination. It lies on the Mozambique Channel, southern of Maputo and just northern of the border with South Africa. Ponta Do Ouro boasts pristine beaches and is well known for its long stretches of white beaches. There are no tarred roads, therefore it is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles.

Kev’s Ledge is the only ‘wall dive” in Ponta Do Ouro and a considerable overhang on the bottom where sometimes you can spot Hawksbill turtles sleeping. The entrance of the overhang has a maze coral which acts as a protection to the juvenile fish.

The dive depths here range from 19-25 m/62-82 ft. The wall, which stands at 6 m/19 ft high, is home to the nudibranch and a variety of fish species while the top of the reef ledge is covered with hard coral like the warty bush coral and is home to the zebra eel, mantis shrimp and a number of star fish.