Scuba Diving in Isla De Los Lobos, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Argentina

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Ushuaia is the capital city of the Tierra del Fuego province in Patagonia, commonly referred as the southernmost city in the world, being also an important naval base. It is located in a wide open bay, on the south coast of Isla Grande de Terra del Fuego and bordered in the north by the Martial mountain range.

Ushuaia has subpolar oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winders. The city is surrounded by Magellanic subpolar forest rich in flora and fauna with several recreation activities. However, Patagonia in not only about mountains and forests. The cold waters at “the end of the world” hide mysteries, waiting to be discovered and diving can be a real challenge.

Isla De Los Lobos, which means the sea lions island, is located in the Beagle Channel, at about one hour away from the city of Ushuaia, being a sealion colony. The island is accessible by boat from the city’s harbor. Rich in marine life and biodiversity, this diving spot is a fantastic adventure for scuba divers. The average depth of this location is at 16 m/52 ft and the maximum at 23 m/75 ft with strong current. The water visibility is good but it gets better during winter.

You will find yourself surrounded by huge kelp, jellyfish, corals and king crabs as well as a wide variety of creatures and fish of the deepest oceans. It is possible that sealions will join you and play while diving and this could be an unforgettable experience. It is best to book an organized dive, if you are visiting for the first time because many of the diving spots can be inaccessible, or even dangerous to dive, due to the unpredictable weather conditions and the high winds that change directions during the day. Scuba diving in Tierra del Fuego gives you the opportunity to discover a hole new world hidden underwater, in a place like no other in the world. Drysuits are necessary for this dive.