Four Wheel Driving in Ponta Do Ouro, Maputo, Maputo Mozambique

5 days
Ponta Do Ouro is the southernmost village in Mozambique and is a popular holiday destination. It lies on the Mozambique Channel, southern of Maputo and just northern of the border with South Africa. Ponta Do Ouro boasts pristine beaches and is well known for its long stretches of white beaches. There are no tarred roads, therefore it is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles.

Ponta Do Ouro is a 4×4 driver’s dream and will surely challenge your 4×4 skills while you face stretches of dirt road ahead of you!! Experience Mozambique in its truest form, by taking on this adventure through dense dune forests, inland flood plains and marshlands. This ultimate adventure requires 5 days of well coordinated navigation on an approximately 400 km/248 mi long route!!

The route starts from Ponta Do Ouro to Macanet with a scenic route through Maputo Elephant Reserve. This is a self drive route, however sometimes you might need help from the locals in regard to alternative routes, especially during the rainy season.

An important thing to bear in mind is to deflate the vehicle’s tyres so as to be able to tackle the roads. There is no need of experience to tackle this route, just willingness and soul power and off you go!!