Scuba Diving in Neptune’s Cave, Arona, Canary Islands Spain

10-25 m / 32-82 ft
Novices & Advanced
Tenerife is a stunning island and the most populous of the seven Canary Islands. It is also the largest island of Macaronesia. Due to its natural beauty, Tenerife hosts approximately 5 million visitors every year from every corner of the world.

Tenerife is a place that no-one should miss visiting. It is an island that will make you feel completely out of the ordinary. The best option to have this feeling is the experience of scuba diving. Being widely known as the Mecca of scuba diving, Tenerife offers many scuba diving spots addressed to all skill levels.

Neptune’s Cave is a diving spot ideal for both novices and experts. It offers great visibility (10-25 m / 32-82 ft) to diving enthusiasts. A cave, which is located at 18 m/59 ft depth, will become the focal point of your activity. During this exciting experience you will be accompanied by different sea creatures such as Catalufa and Trumpet fish. When coming across a small cave, you will also see Globe fish resting at the back of the cave.

In addition, if you visit this spot during October -March, it is possible to admire the odd Angel Shark resting on the sand. For your activity, the spot provides many scuba diving schools, with skilled staff.

Once your scuba diving experience reaches the end, you can take a stroll at this incredible spot!!!