Scuba Diving in Soma Bay, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Water average temperature:
26.2°C/79.15°F, April to October
Some dive sites of the area:
Bay Point, Tudya Arbaa, Other Turbyas, Kabira, Ras Umm Hesiwa
Soma Bay lies on the north-western shores of the Red Sea in Egypt. Practically it is a hotel-based holiday destination. The happy blend of suitable weather conditions and shallow, almost tropical, waters with large sandbanks and extremely reach maritime life make the place a natural destination for any diver.

Soma Bay is definitely a must destination for all level divers. The weather here is all year round mild and warm. The water as well keeps a medium-high temperature through the year and makes the area suitable for diving even in the winter months.

The coral reef surrounding the Bay gathers an exceptionally colorful and reaches marine life. The spots are so many and can satisfy all diving skill levels. At the beginning of the reef a wonderful blue lagoon with particular turquoise waters is formed. Here, lies the impressive Panorama Reef, one of the biggest coral reefs in the Red Sea. Panorama Reef is addressed to qualified divers due to its dramatic dropping over 200 m/656 ft.

Not forget to mention as well, the unique Adu Kafan ‘‘the deep one” so called, the highlight of the entire Red Sea dive site. Here they are flourishing the black hard corals and the blue canyons. Amazing coral gardens full of many different fish species, crustaceous and wrecks make Soma Bay an excellent diving destination.