Sailing in Torbole, Garda Lake, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

Strong north wind
Weaker Pelèr
A little stronger Pelèr
Lasting south wind
A lighter Ora
Torbole sul Garda, in the area of Lake Garda, is well-known as the ideal location mainly for sailing, due to the perfect weather conditions. Thanks to the many organized schools and clubs, all of them recognized by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV), offer excellent services, including well established safety measures and an efficient rescue service.

Torbole, Riva, Malcesine and Arco, as well, are host of several and very important sailing regattas and national and Europeans championships. The spot has been recognized as the perfect practice area for many famous Italian Olympic sailors. The northern part of the lake is reserved to sailors as ”open water zone”.

Over the Lake blow four important winds. From the north blows ”Pelèr”, strong wind, especially during summer months, can reach the speed of 11-15 m/s. It lasts 12 hours and starts at the evening. From the south blows ”Ora”, which creates excellent conditions for sailing. Ora lasts longer than Pelèr but it is less strong. From the south, as well, blows ”Vinesa”, a strong wind with direction fron the Adriatic Sea.

From  Ballino mountain, northern of the Lake, comes  ”Balì” a winter period wind, stronger than Pelèr. From the west blows Ponale, mainly nighttime. When joins Pelèr can be very dangerous.