Caving / Spelunking in ”Grotte di Castello Tesino”, Trento, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

450m/1476ft a.s.l
Character :
In Alto Adige - Trentino region, the particular geological formation of the Dolomites Mountain group and the continuous pass of floating water and steams have shaped the underground format of the area, creating cavities and caves with an especially interesting character and with ample evidence of the past.

In many of them, the archaeological excavations brought into the light fossils from animals that have been extincted nowadays, dating since 2.500 years ago. The speleology association of the region is very active and the local guides are very well organized and prepared for helping you to explore this fascinated underworld.

The Grotte di Castello Tesino are located in between the Monte Agaro and the Monte Coppolo, in the western of Dolomites di Belluno. The geological character of the cave is karstic, allowing to the surface water to pass through  the rocks in which erosion produce underground streams, caverns and fissures. This element gives a very spectacular environment. Amongst locals, the Cave is called ”Bus de la lora” or ”Grotta di Valnuvola”. A tour visit in the Cave requires  from 3 to 4h. Visits should be reserved in advance and dependent on weather conditions.