Mountain Biking in Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Belluno, Veneto Italy

Cross Country Race:
Trofeo Citta di Noventa / Veneto Cup (September)
Cross Country Race:
Folgaria Mega Bike / Gibo Simoni Marathon – Folgaria (August)
Cross Country Race:
Val di Fassa Bike Marathon tour Veneto-Trentino mtb – (September)
100km/62mi ''dei Forti'' Race:
Lavarone location (June)
Rampilodron / Uphill race:
Lodrone location (June)
The old fashioned winter ski-resort of Cortina d’ Ampezzo, in Veneto region becomes Cortina d’ Ampezzo Bike-resort during summer season. The Dolomites offer so many itineraries and trails that make the area a real paradise for the sport's fans. Cortina is a regular meeting point every year among visitors from all over the world. The most important bike event taking place annually here, is the famous ‘’Cortina – Doddiaco MTB Race’’, at the end of July, which is one of the most popular and important races in the Dolomites out-door activities scene.

The Cortina – Dobbiaco MTB race, whose runs recall the Dolomites early days of railways’ routes, covers a distance of 42 km/26 mi. The itinerary covers from Fiames, Val di Landro alonside the magnificent landscape of the Dolomites Ampezzane and Sesto valley and it ends in Dobbiaco Lake.

Nonetheless, the biking experience in Cortina does not come to an end only here! With more than 700 km/434 mi of signed biking trails, 7 bike refuges, 10 hotels with specialized facilities for cyclists and lots of schools, guides and bike rental, Cortina d’ Ampezzo becomes the hottest point of the international biking scene every summer. Here there is the first Freeride Downhill Run in Europe and a wide ranging network of trails.

Cortina offers endless possibilities for bikers of all levels of ability, with excellent organization and rich experience in the field. Every month, races and competitions suitable for all levels of ability practitioners and biking types are held here. Cortina it is then!!!!