Sailing in Bayfront Harbour, Hilo, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Adventurus experience:
Extreme sailing conditions
Bayfront beach is located in Hilo, Hawaii, which is the most populated city on the island. Hilo is an old fashioned bay front town, with tropical rain forest climate all year long and home of the Tsunami Museum, dedicated to the understanding of the 1946 Pacific Tsunami.

Hilo hosts its own international airport right outside the city, about 10 minutes away by car, with unfortunately no public transportation available from the airport. Sailing will give you the opportunity to see Hawaii in a different point of view. At Hilo harbour, the visitor can either charter a sailing yacht and discover the Hawaiian sea, or book a skippered sailing tour.

It is an amazing and adventurous experience because you have the opportunity to come along with extreme sailing conditions, visit remote bays-inaccessible from the main land, watch dolphins and whales, active volcanic lava flows, romantic sunsets, game fishing, snorkeling and if you are a beginner why not take sailing lessons at the same time.

In Hilo town, there are several yacht chartering companies, where you can plan your sailing journey around Hawaii Island, or as a day trip and start taking daily sailing lessons if you are a beginner.