Sailing in Vassiliki Beach, Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands Greece

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
July and August
Best wind direction:
West, Northwest
Wind strength:
Up to 33 knots/61 kph
The beautiful island of Lefkada is located on the west coast of Greece in the Ionian sea and is part of the Eptanisa island complex. Rich in history from the ancient times and widely known as the "Caribbean of Greece", Lefkada boasts breathtaking beaches with exotic blue waters, cosmopolitan seaside towns and mountainous villages, lush nature and waterfalls and is known as a top destination for a wide variety of water sports and activities.

As it is easily accessed by car from the mainland over a floating bridge, Lefkada attracts many visitors during the summer months. Favored with Mediterranean climate, summers are hot and dry with an average temperature of 35°C/95°F and winters are cool and mild with an average temperature of  10°C/50°F.

Vassiliki is a picturesque, fishing village located in the south side of Lefkada, worldwide famous for the local wind phenomenon, caused due to the location of the beach, under the impressive mountain that overlooks the bay. In the morning, the bay is calm and the on shore breeze is light, making conditions ideal for beginners. Halfway through the day, the wind is slowly changing its direction and when the west, northwest wind blows onto the island, it rises up on the slopes and an amazing katabatic wind effect with the nickname “Eric” is created.

This strong, cross shore wind reaches up a speed of up to 33 knots/61 kph, around 3 to 4 pm and holds until sunset. The crystal clear waters of the calm bay are now getting rougher and the further away you sail from the mountain, the choppier they get. This wind phenomenon is more intense during July and August and this is the time, when sailing is at it’s best for those who want to feel the adrenaline of high speed sailing.

Vassiliki is a very well organized beach with schools and gear available on the spot, as well as showers, rest rooms, accommodation, beach bars and rescue boats. It also hosts the International Sailing and Windsurfing Reggata, when the best athletes gather to compete in skills and style, offering a spectacular race to visitors.

There is a wide variety of sailing boats to choose from, depending on your experience and skills, such as the Hobie Tiger, FX One and Tornado catamarans and the RS 200, 49er and Laser SB3 dinghies. There are a few places on earth providing such extreme weather conditions for sailing in a small bay. So wait no longer and visit Vassiliki for a one in a lifetime sailing adventure that no sailor should miss.