Rafting in Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia

Low water season:
mid-July to mid-January
High water season:
February to June
Total Rapids:
Victoria Falls, in Zambia, is the borderline between the Upper and the Middle Zambezi River. Within few kilometers below, the river flows through the Batoka Gorge, where the most challenging whitewater rafting can be performed.

Middle Zambezi is considered to be the best whitewater river spot worldwide. A number of reefs mark the rivers flow and offer a truly breathtaking adventure for those rafters, daring to accept the challenge. Zambezi is a high volume river, ideal for whitewater rafting experiences. Out of the 23 Rapids, the ones  from one to seven are considered to be the best for rafting. Since 1980’s rafting centers are operating in the spot, providing with excellent services with highly security standards.

The best period, depending on the rainy season,  is considered between August and December. There is the option of full or half day trips. In the half day option the trip finishes at tenth rapid whilst in full day option completes all the 23 rapids. During the high water season, you have to skip for security reasons the first ten rapids. From mid-March till mid-April, where the water’s level touch the peak, the rafting centers remain closed. The real adventure starts when the water reaches the low levels, where the river’s bottom rocks emerge and water rapids clash them.