Rafting in Yaque del Norte River, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Experience Level:
All Levels
Class II, III, IV
Highlight Point:
''Tyson rapid''
About 3.5 hrs
The Dominican Republic is a country on the Hispaniola island. The western third of the island belongs to Haiti nation. After Saint Martin, Hispaniola is the second island in the Caribbean that is shared by two countries. Dominican Republic is located on the northern side of the Caribbean Sea.

If you live every second of your life in an extreme way, you should definitely try white water rafting the Yaque del Norte River. The river is situated in Dominican Republic and is actually the longest river in the Caribbean. It is 298 km/185.2 mi long. Its source comes from the Cordillera Central like small rivulets, before they merge into one.

Previous experience is not needed in order to live this amazing experience. Professional guides will teach you how to use the equipment and of course inform you of some safety rules that must be applied. Yaque del Norte River offers intense Class II, III, IV rapids. This unique trip lasts for about 3.5 hours, so don’t forget to have a good breakfast.

Going down ”Tyson rapid” with a 3.6 m/12 ft vertical drop is the absolute highlight. After that, you won’t wonder anymore why they call it that way. Enjoy the twist and turns of the river, as well as the gorgeous scenery. Maximum adventure and fun for everyone are guaranteed!