Kayaking in Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia

High Water season:
April-July & February-March
Medium/Low Water season:
August-September & January-February
Low Water season:
October till December
Best period:
Medium/Low Water season
III - V+
Zambezi River is the natural borderline between Zambia and Zimbabwe in the South part of Africa. Zambezi River is the ideal playground for white-water kayaking fans, among other water action sports.

Zambezi River is widely considered to be as one of the best white-water rivers. Classified from three to five plus grade, the spot is a challenge for any serious kayaker. It requires high fitness conditions and strong will. During high water season, the volume of water creates excellent conditions for paddling. The best time, however,  to perform kayaking is the low – medium period when the cliffs become visible and the real kayaking techniques are possible. The first ten rapids are considered the best ones.

By performing kayak in Zambezi River, you are testing your strength and your level of preparation. Moreover, you have the opportunity to improve yourself, trying out new techniques. The nick-names given to the rapids suggest their force and their momentum. Kayaking into the Morning Glory, the Stairway to Heaven, the Devil’s Toilet Bowl, the Gulliver’s Travels, the Mother and the Terminators, only to mention few of them, mean the ultimatum white-water kayaking experience ever!

The 18th rapid, Oblivion, is considered one of the top rafting rapids worldwide and it is formed by three spectacular waves. Deep in the Batoka gorge, the most exciting white-water kayaking trip can be your lifetime experience.