Rappelling /Abseiling in Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia

Batoka Gorge's length:
135 km/83 mi long
Batoka Gorge's depth:
125 m/410 ft deep
Ability Level:
The Zambezi River, the natural border line between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is widely known as a unique playground for many extreme activities and sports. Lately abseiling has become very popular here.

The stunning Batoka Gorge is actually a chain of many other rocky, small gorges alongside the great Zambezi River leading to Kariba Lake. The flowed water had carved the shape of these cliffs, creating excellent natural arenas for abseiling.

In the middle of this breathtaking backdrop, you can challenge yourself trying to descent the steep cliffs of 75 m/246 ft high. The magnificent Zambezi River flows under your feet with the sound of its purling waters reaching the top of the Gorge. The scenery justifies the effort and the hard work. Very well certified  instructors ensure your safety and facilitate your task. For the way back, you can choose to walk upwards or to make the same route by the rope. Alternatively rap jumping, gorge swinging and high wiring are offered. During the effort there are selected rest points.

The Zambezi abseiling experience makes you feel the excitement of being within the bowels of the earth. Abseiling in Zambezi River, in Batoka Gorge, is a demanding task requiring very good health and physical condition, but at the end of the day it will be a superb remembrance of your ability.