Rafting in Jacques Cartier River, Cap Sante, Quebec Canada

Jacques Cartier River is a river in the province of Quebec, located at 161 km/100 mi (30 minutes) away from Quebec City. The river's springs are spotted close to Jacques Cartier Lake in Laurentides and the river flows in a southern direction in the Sainte Lawence River at Donnocona.

Jacques Cartier River is one of most appropriate places for extreme rafting. The spot is a famous river, where you can enjoy a range of different types of rafting in a distance of 9.6 km/5 mi long. If you need to escape, the best think to do is to discover the adventure in Jacques Cartier River.

It is an amazing  place that can fulfill  every practitioner’s need for adventure. For those who have never tried this kind of sport, well trained and experienced staff will assist you in whatever you may need. Furthermore, for your own comfort, it is recommended that you bring with you: bathing suit, towels, soap or shampoo and dry clothes. Also, during a rainy or chilly day you should have some wool socks, top and bottom base layer, warm sweater and wool or dish-washing gloves.