Rafting in Clear Creek, Idaho Springs, Colorado USA

Class II, III and IV
Berthoud Pass is located between Idaho Springs and Winter Park and is one of the closest areas in Denver for whitewater rafting. It belongs to Boulder County and is just an hour away.

For those who are looking for the milder side of Clear Creek, the Mild Whitewater rafting trip is full of fun. The snowmelt, technical, continuous fed, class II and III rapids of Clear Creek make this action trip one of the best rafting experiences in Colorado. This raft trip starts with class IV rapids.

Another trip is Wild Whitewater, which is the most popular rafting trip on Clear Creek. Good physical shape is required. There are snowmelt, technical and continuous fed, class II, III and IV rapids of Clear Creek on this rafting trip. It is a trip for experienced or adventurous first timers.

The most action packed trip with the largest and more in number rapids is the advanced rafting trip, for which you need excellent physical shape and previous experience. You need to bring swimsuit or shorts, dry clothes and a towel.