Rafting in Rogue River, Grants Pass, Oregon USA

Base elevation:
5320 ft/1621.5 m
Rogue River is situated in southwestern Oregon, near the city of Grants Pass.

The river starts from Crater Lake, at 5320 ft/1621.5 m and goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean, at Gold Beach. The closest city is Grants Pass. Known for its beautiful scenery, challenging waters and wildlife like you have never seen before, Rogue River can offer everything a rafting fan could ask for, from a first-timer to a more professional one.

The rapids of the river are strong, but due to several dams, the water flow is much more controlled. Therefore you can choose where to go rafting, according to your skills and the help of several rafting companies, which can guide you through the river. There are also many camping spots along the side of the river for the more adventurous ones, who would like to have a 2 or 3 full day excursion.

Rafting enthusiasts claim that Rogue River is the perfect place to exercise their favorite sport with their families or friends, as it combines both excitement and relaxation in a phenomenal location.