Mountain Biking in Mount Shasta, Redding, California USA

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Mount Shasta is located in northern California, east of Interstate 5 along SR89, between Mount Shasta city and McCloud city, California, USA.

Mount Shasta is inside Shasta – Trinity National Forest and the second highest volcano in the Cascade Range. Mount Shasta is the perfect place for mountain biking freeride. There are many trails for all level of difficulty. Feel the refreshing air, while riding through the forest and smell the intoxicating smell of wildflowers. View the wonderful vistas of Mount Shasta. The trails are 8, 4 of which are in succession.

The trails below, follow the succession from top to bottom. First trail is Panther Meadows or Old Ski Bowl. It is a difficult, gnarly, steep trail, extremely rocky with deep alpine sand. It is recommended to ride this trail in the spring or fall. Second trail is Bunny Flats or The Entertainer.

It is an easy, flowing and smooth trail. It is rather easy, although there are some parts, that you may need to push or pedal up a hill, especially when reaching the section, called The Staircase. This trail has numerous jumps. Next trail is Bone – crusher or Sand Flats or 10 – mi/16 – km. The trail is insanely technical.

The bigger part of the trail is made of sandy rocks, bigger than your front wheel. First and last parts of the trail are like Bunny Flats. Next trail is 8 mi/12.85 km. It is an intermediate trail, perfect for freeriders. Next trail is 4 mi/6.45 km. It is a tight, jumpy single-track, short but sweet and favorite by less experienced riders.

Next is Cliffhanger. It was finished in 2008 and  has the perfect balance of flow and technicality. Next trail is The Tunnel Trails. It is a flow trail with countless single-tracks. Last but not least is Washout. It is the most awesome, technical trail you will find on the mountain. On this trail the gnarliness is flowing and the rocks are slick.