Rafting in New River Gorge National River, Fayette, West Virginia USA

Advanced Section:
" The Lower Gorge "
New River Gorge National River consists one of West Virginia's heritage. It was established as a unit of the national park system. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Southern West Virginia, including over 72808 ac (295 km²) of land along 53 mi (85 km) of the New River from Bluestone Dam to Hawks Nest State Park.

New River Gorge National River is worldwile the most appropriate spot for Whitewater Rafting. Why? Firstly, it is one of the oldest and most famous rivers in the continent. Secondly, it features two different characters within the park.

The upper (southern) part of the river consists primarily of long pools and easy rapids up to Class III. The lower (northern) section of the river, commonly known as ” the Lower Gorge ” is where you will be able to enjoy the meaning of what is called, whitewater rafting. The Lower Gorge provides colossal rapids ranging in difficulty from Class III to Class V. Now, it’s time to show your flexibility to those powerful currents, many of which are prevented from large boulders. Bear in mind that some rapids contain hazardous undercut rocks.

New River Gorge National River is the deepest river in the Appalachian Mountains. The waters provide a range of riverine hydrologic features including backwaters, pools, glides, cascades, riffles, shoals, torrents, chutes, rapids and waterfalls. The river is also a highly productive aquatic system, including distinct populations of native fish, mussels and crayfish. Furthermore, the river offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning views.