Kayaking in Santa Giustina, Belluno, Veneto Italy

Surface covered:
3.5km²/1.35m², surface
6km/3.7mi lenght; 1km/3280ft width;
Artificial lake
Lake Santa Giustina, located at 41 km/25.5 mi in the northern of Trento, in north Italy, is a unique spot for practicing canoe-kayak.

The Novella River, crossing the Alps Belunese, flows in Santa Giustina Lake creating a particular view of the morphology of the Lake. The continuous water flow has created deep and steep canyons, reachable only by canoe.

Here nature has created the ideal conditions for the fans of canoeing. Adventure, pure adrenaline, excitement with the alpine landscape in background, make, probably, Santa Giustina di Belluno a great destination for canoe lovers.