SUP in Navene, Garda Lake, Veneto Italy

North wind
South wind
The stand up paddling (SUP) has been practiced in Lake Garda, Veneto region already a couple of years ago. However, it has only recently become a very popular sport with lots of fans.

The SUP a relatively easy sport, with not particularly expensive equipment, requiring no specific conditions. The sport is ideal and suitable for practitioners, covering a wide rage of age and all level of difficulty. The SUP can be practiced for several months during the year and it only requires a good mood and strong will. In Garda Lake, especially  in the west shore of the lake, the mild, calm winds create excellent conditions for paddling.

In Navene, highly prepared instructors are ready to assist you with and facilitate your training. It is a unique experience paddling in Lake Garda and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh crystal clear waters in the vicinity of Monte Baldo mountain backdrop. Don’t forget to visit Aril river, the shortest river in the world with a 175 m/574 ft length.