Roller / Inline Skating in Newport Skatepark, Newport, Delaware USA

Jump boxes, flat bank hips, peg ledges
Newport is a town in New Castle County, Delaware, United States. It is widely know for being the home of colonial inventor Oliver Evans. Newport is located on the Christina River.

Newport Skatepark impresses all those who are looking for something different and extreme. The park offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Inline skating will definitely live up your expectations!

Newport Skatepark has successfully made some changes, so now you can enjoy your activities at best. In the park you will find two bigger jump boxes in a wooden rhythm section type deal, which have replaced the infamous jump box. On the left as you go in, you will come across a new street section with a lot of slightly different sized transitions.

Basically loads of peg ledges, flat bank hips and a wooden roller into a steep quarter are some of the other features, that will help you hone your skills. Be aware that the transitions are very steep. Newport Skatepark is a year-round skatepark with free admission. In the nearby area, you also find many rental shops, providing the appropriate equipment. After a thrilling day, you can have some fun, drinking a few pints in the impressive pubs of Newport.