Skiing in Hoodoo Ski Area, Sisters, Oregon USA

Skiable area:
800 acres/3.24 km²
Average snowfall:
450 inches/1143 cm
Top elevation:
5703 ft/1738 m
Hoodoo Ski Area is located on the summit of Santiam Pass, in the very center of Oregon State.

Ski fans will be delighted to see an area of 800 ac/3.24 km², 32 runs and 5 lifts. People of all experience levels are welcome to visit this site, as there are 10 beginners runs, 10 intermediate runs and 12 expert runs.

The longest run is 3 mi/4.8 km long and the average snowfall during the year reaches up to 450 in/1143 cm. The maximum elevation is at 5703 ft (1738 m) and the base elevation at 4668 ft (1423 m). One of the most appealing advantages of Hoodoo is that night skiing is allowed in several runs, but only on Fridays and Saturdays.

The rates vary, according to the time of arrival. If you arrive at 9 a.m., the rates for adults begin from $16 up to $45 and for juniors or seniors, from $10 to $31. If one arrives after 4 p.m., the adults rate starts from $22 to $36 and juniors or seniors from $16 to $27. Kids below the age of 5 can access the runs with no charge all day long.

Visitors have plenty of accommodation (hotels and campgrounds) and dining choices, as the city of Bend is located at 20 mi/32.2 km from the site. If you choose to visit Hoodoo Ski Area, one thing is certain, you will have the time of your life!