Paintball in Kelly Hill Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Australia

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All skill levels
The Kangaroo Island covers an area of approximately 4400 km²/1698.8 mi², located at 110 km/70 mi south-west of Adelaide and easily accessible by ferry or plane. A congregation of attractive small towns and fascinating wild Conservation parks, Kangaroo Island represents Australia's third largest Island.

Divided in 6 distinguished sections, the Kelly Hill Conservation Park, located in the south west of the island is the only destination for paintball fans and not only in a fascinating wild natural reserve. Paintball is an enjoyable activity that can seduce any visitor on the Kangaroo island. Let your blood flowing and the adrenalin pumping while you capture the flag and eliminate the opposition team.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be super fit to enjoy a paintball game, use your stalking and sniper skills to your advantage. Paintballs are made of gelatine and are biodegradable so completely safe for yourself as well as the environment.  Local paintball operators would assist you with the sport and would provide you the necessary equipment. Free body armor is given to the ladies and is available for hire for the boys along with gloves.

All players must be 10 yrs and over and you will need fully enclosed shoes. Kelly Hill Caves conservation park is serviced with BBQs, picnic areas, shelters, and toilets. In the evening and as the sun sets on the horizon, the Tammar Wallabies can be spotted as well as the island’s unique kangaroos. You can watch them graze and hop around or look up at the truly amazing star lit night sky.

You won’t believe how many of those are visible out here away from the city lights! Flinders Chase National Park in the west of the island offers an alternative getaway, where koalas bask in the gum trees and seals basking on the beach. Don’t get surprised if kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, goannas and Platypi come across your way.