Paintball in Grafton, Lorain County, Ohio USA

35 ac/0.14 km²
Yes besides open days
Grafton is a village situated along the East Branch of Black River, in Lorain County, Ohio, USA. The village is known due to the existence of a variety of prisons in and around it.

Near Elyria lies a beautiful picturesque village, Grafton. Grafton is not quiet at all, as there is an awesome paintball facility nearby, perfectly capable of exciting, thrilling, pleasant paintball adventures. The 35 ac/0.14 km² terrain has many fields, where you and your friends can experience an adrenaline shot-called paintball game.

You can play as a pro at all fields, while there is a field for every level of experience. You can easily become a star player. So, play among equals and may the best man or team win! There are many places to hide, as the fields are in woods. So you will come across trees, small forts and many other hiding places as well as smoke to get full cover!!

You can always camouflage yourself with grass or whatever you like and none of the opponents will see you. Paintball is a team player game, so all teams are composed according to skill level. They make strategy plans and with strong teamwork, they are led to the coveted victory! In the facility, you will find all the necessary equipment, as well as passes with great deals.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment, but bear in mind that barrel plugs are not permitted. If you get hungry, you can get something to eat or drink at the field, as they offer cold drinks, pizza, snacks and also birthday packages. It is a great terrain that offers everything a paintball player is looking for, so it is recommended to give it a shot!!