Spearfishing in Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
The Kangaroo Island covers an area of approximately 4400 km²/1698.8 mi², located at 110 km/70 mi south-west of Adelaide and easily accessible by ferry or plane. A congregation of attractive small towns and fascinating wild Conservation parks, Kangaroo Island represents Australia's third largest Island.

The Hanson Bay is off the South Coast Road and lies between Kelly Hill Caves and the Flinders Chase National Park in the south western corner of Kangaroo Island. The spot is a unique secret surfing destination for experienced spear-fishermen.

Occasional sand banks and a permanent rocky point break are the main elements of one and only Hanson Bay.  With abundant marine life close to shore and crystal clear water, the Hanson Bay offers great spectacular spearfishing opportunities. According to the South Australian Research and Development Institute – Aquatic Sciences, the highest species diversity in the Kangaroo island has been recorded in Hanson Bay.

The reef makes for an interesting, shallow dive, but be careful when there is a swell running! Its maximum depth reaches down to 6 m/19 ft and the spot is ideal for experienced divers. So make sure you pack your spear and mask! Flinders Chase National Park in the west of the island offers an alternative getaway, where koalas bask in the gum trees and seals basking on the beach. Don’t get surprised if kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, goannas and Platypi come across your way.