Sandboarding in Little Sahara, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Australia

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Little Sahara is a heritage sandy dunes area, located in the south coast of Kangaroo Island, in South Australia. The spot is a naturally occurred sand dune system, covering two square kilometers. The dunes vary in size with plenty of small dunes and the highest dune is approximately 230 ft/70 m above sea level.

Little Sahara gives in a breathtaking view over Vivonne’s coastline. The area is really beautiful to look at with their white sands forming high peaks while the far away sand dunes stretching on can be quite surprising to the visitor. The spot is ideal for sand-boarding or tobogganing, a unique experience for practitioners of all levels of difficulty, and mostly a very funny activity.

It can be quite frustrating to climb the sand dunes, especially if you want to reach the highest dunes peak. For every step you take you go a half step backwards. This could be a very good life lesson but the amazing view over Vivonne’s coastline will compensate you. Still, it is worth all the energy just to have this feeling of being in another world. Even if you crash while surfing down the sand at a very high speed, you can be sure that it doesn’t hurt at all.

You can hire boards or toboggans from shops located at Vivonne Bay while local training centers can initiate you to this unique extreme sport. Make sure you take lots of water with you to Little Sahara and try to get there early to avoid crowds and the heat. A unique experience not to be missed out in an iconic spot location for sand boarding when visiting Kangaroo Island.