Quad Biking in Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Australia

Skill level:
Beginners to advanced
Terrain :
All types
Vivonne Bay is located at 61 km/37 mi from Kingscote on the south coast of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The spot was named by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin who visited the bay in January 1803.

A guided quad bike tour with the experienced professionals is the best way to see an otherwise inaccessible part of Kangaroo Island!! Ride your own quad bike (ATV) through 500 ac/2 km² of open grassland and native bush, checking out wildlife and breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean along the way. Vivonne Bay inland offers a wide variety of terrain and give you the freedom to ride safely to the conditions and within your ability.

Many tours are offered for all level of difficulty practitioners, even for children. Lots of fun for first time riders! More technical rocky tracks to challenge the quad’s ability are offered for more experienced riders. During winter there is also the chance to spot migrating Southern Right Whales from the top of the cliffs! Quad biking is practiced all year long in Vivonne Bay. First time riders are welcome and no experience is necessary. All you’ll need is fully enclosed shoes and long pants.

Don’t want to ride? Come as a passenger. All equipment and quads are available for renting. Just bring a bright smile and the mood to challenge your skills. The Vivonne Bay Camping Ground, situated on Jetty Road, Vivonne Bay, is a unique camping area providing an ideal location for relaxation and easy access to the Western Kangaroo Island attractions. The Vivonne Bay Conservation Park extends westwards along the coast from the western end of the bay.