Paintball in Devotion Paintball, Bemidji, Minnesota USA

2-4 hrs
Bemidji is a city located in Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States. It is the principal city in North Central Minnesota and the largest commercial center between North Dakota, Grand Forks and Duluth.

Surrounded by numerous parks and outstanding lakes, Bemidji is aptly considered as one of the most appropriate tourist destinations. So, if you are interested in Paintball, a visit in Bemidji is well worth it. Regardless the season, Devotion Paintball has something to offer to everyone.

Satisfying all paintballing needs, Devotion Paintball is one of the best paintball facilities and retail stores in Northern Minnesota. Devotion Paintball offers 6 different fields, choose your favorite one and enjoy the best paintball of your life.

Woodsball Field is a fully wooded field with heavy coverage and is addressed to those who enjoy war-like play. The games that you can enjoy in this field are: FBI, Elimination, Alien, Defender, President, Capture the flag and Football. Hyperpipe Field includes 100 pipes and light coverage. This field is addressed to those who like faster games and speedball-like play, such as Elimination, Capture the flag and Football. Shanty Town is a field, where you must be ready to detect your opponent at any time and defend little buildings and stands, enjoying games like Elimination, Capture the flag and Football.

Cabin Field is tailored for those who like to creep and sneak. In this field only the fastest and best survive. The games you can enjoy in this field are FBI, Elimination, Alien, Defender and President. Farmer’s Field includes round hay bails, animal cutouts and light to medium coverage. In this field you can play: Elimination, Capture the flag, Football and Cow Pie. Speedball Field with light coverage is also waiting for you to discover it.

Devotion Paintball provides you with the necessary equipment. So, don’t worry, just visit this spot and enjoy yourself!!!