Paintball in Spandau, Berlin, Berlin Germany

3 on weekends, 3 on weekdays
Ways of game:
Capture the flag, center flag, elimination, Gettysburg, last man standing, big game
Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 states in Germany. It is the largest city and second most popular in Germany and ninth most popular in the European Union. It is situated on the River Spree in northeastern Germany and is the center of the Berlin – Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. Berlin is a world city of politics, media, culture, science and of course sports!

Paintball is a very popular game in Germany and Berlin, as Germany’s capital city, offers many paintball opportunities either indoors or outdoors. Specifically in Berlin – Spandau you will meet a lot of paintball activity. Pure fun, team spirit and adrenaline is what paintball is all about.

Experience this unique, indoor, recreational sport at the highest level, as the facility offers a brand new hall with a tournament Millennium Field of 45 x 30 m (147.7 x 98.5 ft), maximum comfort at 3 cm (1 in) high-pile synthetic turf and professional equipment that meets the latest technical requirements. The playing fields have dimensions of 30 x 15 m (98.5 x 49.2 ft) each and are fully embraced with mesh nets that protect spectators and players.

The hall consists of deep pile lining and very soft artificial grass, so falling is mitigated. During the week you can play on three game fields, as Millennium box with dimensions 45 x 30 m (147.7 x 98.5 ft), which is very close in dimensions as the M7 Millennium field. The field consists of flat, rectangular areas, where collateral in the form of various geometric shapes and letters are placed.

This must be at least 150 cm (60 in) away from the playing field. Furthermore, there are at least two 2 m (6.6 ft) wide flag stations that are located in the center of the rear boundaries of the field. On weekends you can play on the sup-air fields. The sup-air fields are flat, rectangular surfaces with dimensions 30 x 15 m (98.5 x 49.2 ft), on several bunkers that are placed symmetrically on both sides of the court.

These are filled with air and have various shapes, as tons, rectangular or tapered. Another field is sup-air field #2 with obstacles, as the large Millennium M and two “Snakes” that can also be played as scenario fields. Ways of paintball that can be played are capture the flag, center flag, elimination, Gettysburg, last man standing and big game.

After playing, you can go to the available showers, locker rooms and parking lot. There is also a SKY sports bar for up to 200 guests. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and note that no military clothes are allowed.