Le Parcour / Free Running in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Practice area:
Sandy beaches
Roquetas de Mar is a municipality, located in the west of Almeria province. It is the most popular town of Almeria, with direct coastal access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Roquetas de Mar enjoys a Mediterranean sub-tropical climate, with temperatures from 16 to 30°C/60.80 to 86°F, and June through September being quite warm months (26 to 30°C/78.80 to 86°F). The terrain is generally flat, low above sea. The city is most crowded during the summer period, where a lot of free runners gather, organize meetings, competitions and train.

"Le Parkour in Roquetas de Mar"There are not parks or organized installations for this sport, but Roquetas is full of places to practice. There are big sidewalks, squares, parks, playgrounds, marinas, deserted factories or warehouses, abandoned structures and much more to discover. You should visit the old town, the urban part and the castle.

You can also train yourself safely on the sandy beaches. The seaside is big enough for you to choose the right spot for starting your activity, and then continue to discover the other features that this place offers. Roquetas population is familiar with par-court and free running, so don’t be afraid to par-court in public, meet other free runners and let them show you around, advice you about good locations of the city or show you places other tracers meet and train.