Le Parcour / Free Running in Basel Stadt, Canton of Basel, Switzerland

Stairs, rails, curbs, walls, scaffoldings, stanchions, balusters, benches etc.
Jumping, climbing, spanning, running etc.
What to wear:
Comfortable clothes, sports shoes
Basel is situated where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meets in northeast Switzerland, right on river Rhine. Its suburbs also extend in France and Germany. Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland and the third most populous city as well as the most important cultural centers of Switzerland.

One form of art in Basel, presented in the form of an extreme sport, is Parkour. Parkour athletes are daring people who jump from place to place, regardless the height, material, distance etc. Parkour was made in order to escape from difficult situations, by choosing the shortest way possible, overcoming all obstacles that are found on the way.

Today in almost every city you will come across parkour athletes, jumping around while almost every time, they keep a specific rhythm and synchronized moves. In Basel, parkour is being practiced almost everywhere like in many other cities. There are many obstacles in the way as subway stairs, big walls, balusters, stanchions, rails, curbs, scaffolding, benches etc.

In order for parkour performers to overcome these obstacles, they span, jump, climb and run! Parkour is a very entertaining sport that requires a lot of physical strength. But it is not all about the body. Parkour is also a mental exercise. Specifically the free spirit and freedom is what you feel when running, climbing and spanning… It is like the adrenaline contemplation. Train your body but also train your soul. Come and jump in and around Basel!