Skate Boarding in Lohhof Skatepark/Bikepark, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Munich is the capital of Bavaria State and one of its biggest cities. It is situated in the north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar and it is the third largest city in Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Munich is a city where many extreme sports are performed. One very popular sport around Munich wider area is Skate Boarding. Skate Boarders are found all over the city, skating on roads, parks and skate-parks. One medium size but popular skate-park that attracts a lot of skateboarders is Lohhof Skatepark/Bikepark.

The original purpose of that park was for bmx biker scene but skateboarders are all over the place too. The concrete skate-park is used by all level of experience skateboarders. You will find 11 ramps, 5 mini-ramps and 2 rails ready for you to ride them!

The park might be crowded with other skateboarders and bikers especially on weekends. Safety comes first, so make sure you will have all safety equipment with you. There are no working hours and no entrance fee at the park, so you can skate board any time you want.