Le Parcour / Free Running in Pit Freerunning, Grand Junction, Colorado USA

Ledges, inclines......
Free Running lessons:
The city of Grand Junction is located 247 mi/398 km west-southwest of the Colorado State Capitol, Denver. It is the largest city in western Colorado, the 15th most populous city in the State of Colorado and the most populous on the Colorado western slope.

This famous city of Colorado offers unlimited entertainment opportunities to locals and foreign visitors. One of these opportunities, which will become the core of your excitement, is the enjoyable activity of Free Running.

You will find an extremely popular environment in Grand Junction that hosts many free running events, where all free running junkies can train. You will find a well qualified staff in Pit Free running, consisted of young people who want to share their knowledge and passion with everyone who is interested in reaching the adrenaline at the highest level.

So, the leaders of this activity will teach you all phases of free running. During your training you will learn how to sustain a healthy and strong body. The pit free running stadium is 5000 ft²/464.52 m² of solid and movable structures such as many ledges, inclines and many other features necessary for your training. Learn how to climb, vault, jump, overcome obstacles and make the fear fade away. Free running is an activity with which body, mind and technical skills merge into one offering your well being.

If you want to boost your confidence, then Free Running is the ideal activity!!!