Surfing in Tombstones Beach, Hilo, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Wave quality:
Regional classic
Tombstones beach is located between Paukaa and Wainaku Village Hawaii, at about seven minutes drive from Hilo, which is the most populated city on the island.

Hilo is an old fashioned bay front town, with tropical rainforest climate all year long, and home of the Tsunami Museum, dedicated to the understanding of the 1946 Pacific Tsunami.

Hilo hosts its own international airport right outside the city, with unfortunately no public transportation available from the airport. Along the seaside, there are many shops to buy, rent or repair surfing gear as well as schools to attend lessons if you are a beginner. However, the waves are fast and powerful and the beach is not recommended for beginners.

Tombstones beach offers a regional classic wave quality, taking both right and left directions and the swell size can get up to 10 ft/3.5 m. The beach is not directly accessible with a car. You have to go to Honolii Beach, enter the water and paddle to the point by the cliff on the right, so even during weekends, the beach is empty. The sea bottom is rocky and because Tombstones beach is surrounded with cliffs, surfers should be careful and fast on their turns.