Horseback Riding in Chyulu Hills National Park, Eastern Province Kenya

Weight Limit:
90 - 95kg/198-209lb
Best Months:
June- August
Chyulu Hills borders the Amboseli and Tsavo East plains border. The hills rise to an approximate of 2200 m/7217 ft and stretching at 150 km/93 mi long of mountain range, giving in an impressive distant view of Kilimanjaro mountain. These hills are home to acacia woodlands while a series of volcanic craters are covered in dense forests. Chyulu hills also hosts the deepest known lava cave tube in the world.

Due to the lack of water in the hills, wildlife is profound with a record of 38 species of large mammals registered, including the “Big Five”. This kind of wildlife makes your horseback riding adventure even more daring as you get to see the wild animals closer than you could have ever imagined!!

Of course a qualified guide is required to take you through this kind of safari. There is a weight limit for riders with 90 kg/198 lb for the novice rider and 95 kg/209 lb for the experienced rider.

Seasons for best horseback riding are from June through to August. Rainy seasons here are in November and from April-May. Taking all these aspects into account, horseback riding at this spot is normally organized in groups.

Normally one needs to gather information beforehand as to when the arranged rides are offered or one can set up his own group for horseback riding, with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 persons per safari.