Climbing Walls in Silver Star Mountain, Okanagan, British Columbia Canada

Top Elevation:
1915 m (6280 ft)
Base Elevation:
1155 m (3780 ft)
Silver Star is a well-known ski resort situated near Silver Star Provincial Park, in the Shuswap Highland of the Monashee Mountains, 25 km/15 mi northeast of the city of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. The area has been awarded as one of the Top 10 Wine Spas Worldwide and the best family resort in Canada. In order to satisfy your curiosity, visit this place as soon as possible.

If you want to escape from the daily routine and make something completely different, Silver Star is waiting for you. Choose from a wide range of activities your favorite one and let yourself feel the adventure. Come, discover this amazing spot and take part in the most challenging activity, climbing walls.

 "Climbing walls at Silver Star Mountain"

The resort offers a  top elevation of 1915 m (6280 ft) and a base elevation of 1155 m (3780 ft). So, get powered and climb the 19 m/62 ft wide and 7 m/22 ft high wall, which covers all levels of difficulty, including chimneys and a bouldering cave. For those who have never tried this kind of activity, a well-skilled staff is available to teach them the appropriate techniques.

So, spend quality time with your friends and family by performing a really exciting activity. Once the sun goes down, you can continue having fun in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you easily find nearby.