BMX in Burnsville Skatepark, Burnsville, Minnesota USA

transistor, ramps, stairs, ledges and a bowl
Burnsville is a city situated 15 mi (24 km) south of downtown Minneapolis, in Dakota County, in the U.S State of Minnesota. The city is located on the south bank of the Minnesota River. It is known for its regional mall, Burnsville Center. Burnsville offers many recreational attractions, such as the Alimagnet Dog Park, the 310 ft (94 m) vertical ski peak Buck Hill and a section of Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve.

If you want to escape from the daily routine and rejuvenate yourself, Burnsville Skatepark is the best place to visit. Let yourself get tired, performing the best BMX activity of your life.

The park reopened after a renovation in order to host the most daring BMX enthusiasts. With vigorous changes, the park is now more durable and safe. The park has a new mini ramp with spin and a hump and gentle street course. The fence that previously surrounded the park has been removed and a new entrance with a driveway/drop-off area has been added. In the park you will also find a transistor that rises up with a combination of ramps, stairs and ledges, ideal for all ages and skill levels.

The focal point of this park is a bowl feature, which is located at the top and offers multiple depths. A new concrete surface, updated equipment and new landscaping promise an unforgettable experience of BMX. Last but not least, this highly sought after park is free of charge.