BMX in Traverse City Skate Park, Traverse City, Michigan USA

Daylight - Dusk
Traverse City is the county seat of Grand Traverse County and is located at the south end of Grand Traverse Bay, which is actually a 32 mi / 51 km long, 10 mi / 16 km wide and up to 620 ft / 190 m deep in spots bay of Lake Michigan. Combining varied natural attractions for adventure and/or relaxation, Traverse City is a four-season travel destination.

Do you want to show off your air tricks or improve your bunnyhops? The Traverse City Skate Park is the right place for you. You may think that the park is for skaters only, but the 25000 ft²/2322.6 m² are plenty for skaters and bikers as well. Whether you choose a box or a jump, you will be completely satisfied – well unless you do a dead sailor.

Constructed in 2001, the Traverse City skate park is located within the Civic Center Park. Completely made of concrete, this outdoor park opens when the snow melts and closes when the first snowflakes arrive (approximately November 15th). It’s suitable for bikers of all ages and abilities and attracts hundreds of visitors daily. If you visit Traverse City and are a BMX enthusiast, you should definitely experience the fun and excitement this park offers.